Wimpy’s Digest: Always Hungry For More.

The time has come for another delightful adventure with my good buddy ol’ pal Popeye! I unfortunately was too busy eating hamburgers to be invited on this trip however I will simply have to join everyone next time.

Included below is an amusing sneak peak into Randy Milholland’s new, original comic strip “Time Flies”. My buddy ol’ pal Popeye, with Swee’pea in tow, takes his latest journey to the Bamford Watch Department ‘Hive’ in Mayfair, London and Franck Muller’s Watchland in Geneva, Switzerland where the Franck Muller x BWD Popeye Vanguard© was born! A show stopping timepiece available in a black or rose gold case — you can pick the Popeye that suits your wrist starting tomorrow!

I am itching to get my hands on one…I wonder if Popeye will get me one and I can pay him back next Tuesday?