Come one come all! There is a fight you don’t want to miss. Popeye is putting up his fists against ocean pollution and it’s sure to be a tough but important brawl. He and TheSeaCleaners are teaming up to celebrate both World Oceans Day and the SeaCleaners Festival taking place this month. The Festival is The SeaCleaners’ campaign to engage audiences in World Oceans Day this year – which took place on June 8th in multiple regions across the globe. The festivities delivered a roster of land and water clean-ups, a new podcast, workshops, and new guides aimed at divers looking to collect waste underwater.

Of course Popeye will be there too! He is doing his part by launching a new Kahoot! Quiz themed around – you’ve guessed, clean seas and the importance of healthy oceans. Test your sustainability skills and see if you can impress Popeye during the event!