Popeye Teams Up With Jade City Foods For A Creative
Foods Line, Kicking Off With Signature Hot Sauce Flavors
And Coffee Blends

Launching today, Florida-based food and beverage company Jade City Foods announced a brand-new collection of high-end Popeye & Friends-inspired hot sauces and coffee blends.

The spinach-loving sailorman and his friends are bringing the heat with Popeye Signature Hot Sauces in four unique and wide-ranging flavors and heat profiles. Foodies can check out the hot flavors, which include Popeye’s ‘Strong to the Finish Hot Sauce’ (Jalapeño Spinach), Eugene the Jeep’s ‘Jeep! Jeep! Magic Hot Sauce’ (Pineapple Habanero), Wimpy’s ‘I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday for Some Burger Sauce Today’ (Sweet & Smokey Sriracha) and Bluto’s ‘You Can’t Handle My Hot Sauce, Runt!’ (Reaper, Scorpion & Ghost Peppers).

Additionally, the Jade City food line includes Popeye Signature Coffee, which will be available in three unique blends, including Olive Oyl’s ‘I’m Too Kind-Hearted Blend’ (a Clean & Fruity Light Roast), Bluto’s ‘No Good Sailor Blend’ (a Bombastic & Balanced Medium Roast) and Popeye’s ‘Blow Me Down Blend!’ (a Courageously Strong Dark Roast).

The Popeye food line deal was brokered by King Features’ agent in Canada, Segal Licensing. This latest expansion within the food category further solidifies Popeye as one of the most sought-after pop culture properties.

The signature coffee blends and hot sauces are available now at the new online store, food.popeye.com, starting today November 16. Following the initial launch, Jade City Foods is set to introduce three uniquely cozy hot cocoa blends, ‘Sea-Salty Sailor Salted Caramel,’ ‘Goo-Goo Gooey Chocolate’ and ‘“Oh, Dear!” Peppermint,’ along with a limited-edition ghost pepper hot sauce, ‘Bruiser Boys Club’ (Ghost Pepper Blueberry Hot Sauce), on Black Friday.