Playful kids’ fashions are available in France, Belgium and the Netherlands

Hearst-owned King Features Syndicate today announced a new fashion collaboration with Bellerose for iconic Sailor Man, Popeye, and his sweetheart Olive Oyl. A deal brokered by Biplano Licensing.

Bellerose has launched an exclusive collection for boys and girls that pays tribute to the fun, romantic and fashionable universe of the beloved spinach eater. Available in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, the apparel line will feature playful prints, pre-worn looks and timeless pieces made in true Bellerose fashion.

Bellerose is a Belgian apparel brand that has been creating premium clothing for the whole family since 1989. Known for their trendy styles and expert craftsmanship, Bellerose uses fashion to influence the lifestyle of individuals, without dictating their choices.

Fans can shop the Bellerose collection now at and find more about Popeye at the recently launched website, a home for all things Popeye, including video content, the latest Popeye news and a history of America’s favorite sailor man.