Well, Blow Me Down! It’s a Valentine’s Giveaway!

Popeye and Olive OylYou’ve seen the wonderful collection of watches from Modify and we know so many of you wished you could have one. Well, Modify heard you and they’ve come up with a terrific gift for Popeye fans! It’s the Great Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

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The Most Interesting Mariner in the World

We were blown away by the enthusiastic response from fans on Facebook when Popeye channeled Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World” in his own parody of the super popular internet meme.

dos equisPopeyedos equis

Would you like to see Popeye do more fun takes on your favorite Internet memes, like Popeye imitating the Futurama meme or Olive Oyl as the Overly Attached Girlfriend?

The Baby Popeye & Friends™ “Dreams Can Come True” Giveaway

Hey, everybody! Do you believe that dreams can come true with a little help from your friends? Baby Popeye does! Baby Olive Oyl has never seen the sea before, so Baby Popeye decides to prepare a big surprise for her! With help from his friends and a little imagination, Baby Popeye discovers…???