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Popeye and The Argonaut: An 85th Anniversary Story

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Popeye’s first appearance in Thimble Theatre on January 17, 1929

It’s rare that the reporter becomes the story but, as we celebrate the 85th anniversary of Popeye’s first appearance on Jan. 17, 1929,  that’s exactly what has happened.

A newspaper arts & entertainment editor in California who was writing a story about the Sailor Man, his creator, Elzie Crisler Segar, and the history of the character contacted us here at King Features for assistance with background information, interviews and artwork. The result? A fantastic cover story on our favorite mariner!

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Argonaut Arts & Entertainment Editor Michael Aushenker and his Popeye cover story

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Well, Blow Me Down! Popeye Personalized VISA Prepaid Debit Cards

Prepaid debit card provider is bringing a very special debit card to the U.S. market: several unique and heartwarming cards featuring the world’s most famous Sailor Man! Mirroring Popeye’s famous associations with strength and good health, fans will be able to take charge of their finances while making a bold statement about their own fun-filled personalities. To sign up for a Popeye prepaid debit card online, click here.

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TIME OUT NEW YORK Features Graffiti Artist Crash’s Mural of Popeye

Click to enlargeCheck out the current issue of Time Out New York! Our Mighty Mariner is on the cover in a fantastic mural rendered by  Bronx-born graffiti artist Crash (a.k.a. John Matos).

The Time Out editors used the eye-popping artwork, which was painted on the wall at Bowery and Houston Street, to illustrate their story “Amazing Outdoor Art in New York.”

How cool is that?

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