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Pre-Order Sale for Limited-Edition Popeye Collectible Coin

Now available for pre-order, the newest limited-edition Popeye U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard double-headed collectible coin from Order your Popeye coin here:

Popeye US Navy and US Coast Guard collectible coin

Popeye fans can use the promotional code: COASTIES and get 20 percent off!

This is a limited-time offer. Don’t wait! Order your Popeye x U.S. Navy x U.S. Coast Guard collectible coin today!

Popeye and PEZ Go Way Back

Did you know that there exists a very special history between Popeye and PEZ candy?  PEZ began making dispensers in the 1940s, and they were originally very plain and intended for adults who were trying to quit smoking.

Throughout the 1950s, PEZ introduced a number of more playful designs intended for children. In 1958, PEZ introduced the very first PEZ dispenser featuring a popular licensed character. If you guessed it was Popeye, you would be correct!

Bamford Watch Department Unveils the Popeye Yachtmaster Rolex

Darren Romanelli (DRx Romanelli) and Bamford Watch Department present the SE Gold “Popeye” Rolex Yachtmaster watch. This exclusive watch is limited edition, with only 10 pieces available for purchase.



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