A Teaser Video from Sony Pictures Animation


Well, blow me down! You have to check this out. It’s a snippet of brand-new animation from Sony Pictures Animation featuring Popeye! Olive Oyl! Bluto! Even Eugene The Jeep!

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Now, it has been previously announced that Sony Pictures Animation is developing an all-new POPEYE animated feature, with Genndy Tartakovsky directing the CG adaptation of the famous sailor man’s origin story. Sony has been keeping things pretty much under wraps, so what is this animation, you ask? Is it a trailer? Nope. Is it a clip? Nope. A promotional piece? No, again…

Shinzi Katoh, Top Japanese Designer, Gets Creative With Popeye®

The well-known Japanese graphic artist, Shinzi Katoh, is developing designs for both Betty Boop and Popeye®, which will be licensed for products in Japan and subsequently by King Features and its agents throughout the world. King Features is the worldwide licensor for Popeye and, working closely with Fleischer Studios, worldwide exclusive licensing agent for Betty Boop.

Own a Piece of Artwork from the Official Popeye Art Tribute Show

If fans can’t get to L.A. by Sept. 21 to see “STRONG TO THE FINICH! AN OFFICIAL POPEYE TRIBUTE ART SHOW” curated by Ecuadoran artist and Popeye uber-fan CHOGRIN in collaboration with King Features Syndicate, there is still time to order a piece of art showcased in the exhibition. From an original framed by the artist to limited-edition prints and giclées,the fascinating renditions of the world’s most famous Sailor Man are available for purchase in the Hero Complex Gallery store.