Popeye and PEZ Go Way Back

Did you know that there exists a very special history between Popeye and PEZ candy?  PEZ began making dispensers in the 1940s, and they were originally very plain and intended for adults who were trying to quit smoking.

Throughout the 1950s, PEZ introduced a number of more playful designs intended for children. In 1958, PEZ introduced the very first PEZ dispenser featuring a popular licensed character. If you guessed it was Popeye, you would be correct!


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Popeye’s Main Goil, Olive Oyl, as “Overly Attached Girlfriend”!

Thanks to the enthusiastic response from fans on Facebook who loved when Popeye channeled Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World,” today we have continued the tradition of drawing our favorite characters into popular Internet memes.

Here is Popeye’s main goil, Olive Oyl, drawn into the style of “Overly Attached Girlfriend”:



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