Did You Know? It’s National Hamburger Month!


wimpy1That’s right. May is Wimpy’s favorite month of the year. Everyone knows Popeye’s pal is a hamburger moocher par excellence. He doesn’t need to consult the calendar to utter his famous phrase: “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!”

Well, taking a cue from Wimpy, have you ever thought about taking a cross-country road trip to discover and devour all the different, delicious burgers you could find? O.K., let’s get real. While everyone might love the meaty rewards, who has the time to craft that kind of adventure?

Popeye x PF Flyers Opening Day Collection

In 1937, the PF Flyers story began by delivering quality American footwear for sport and leisure. In the same year, one of the most iconic cartoon characters in American history, Popeye the Sailor, took to the mound to play baseball against his arch-nemesis, Bluto, in a classic animated short. The iconic duo battle it out in front of a roaring crowd in an excitement-filled game featuring fireworks, grand slams, and an amazing come-from-behind win from Popeye.