New Popeye-Branded Apparel Available on


Popeye the Sailorman has for decades been an American icon and a big part of the United States’ military’s history. Now, Popeye fans can add officially licensed Popeye Tin Can sailor designs from to their collection of great Popeye gifts and memorabilia! All Popeye shirts and hoodies are Made in America!

Fans may purchase branded merchandise of all the different branches of the Armed Forces. Below is a U.S. Navy design featuring Popeye that is available on printed T-shirts and hoodies.


Did you know today is Be Bald and Free Day? There’s nothing wrong with having no hair, or a “chrome dome!” Be Bald And Free Day is all about being liberated, leaving your hat or wig at home, and facing the world without hair.

poster-aWe thought that was interesting because Popeye AND Olive Oyl went bald earlier this year in solidarity with the Little Baldies.

A Teaser Video from Sony Pictures Animation

Well, blow me down! You have to check this out. It’s a snippet of brand-new animation from Sony Pictures Animation featuring Popeye! Olive Oyl! Bluto! Even Eugene The Jeep!

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Now, it has been previously announced that Sony Pictures Animation is developing an all-new POPEYE animated feature, with Genndy Tartakovsky directing the CG adaptation of the famous sailor man’s origin story. Sony has been keeping things pretty much under wraps, so what is this animation, you ask? Is it a trailer? Nope. Is it a clip? Nope. A promotional piece? No, again…