Within a few years of his 1929 debut in the THIMBLE THEATRE comic strip, Popeye had become a film star in a series of classic cartoons produced by Fleischer Studios and distributed by Paramount Pictures. The Sailor Man was one of the first licensing sensations, appearing on puzzles, dolls, games, books, banks, lamps, and tin toys, many of which are now valued collectibles both in the United States and internationally.

Today, Popeye has become a fashion icon with mass merchandisers across the U.S.A. selling “cool” Popeye apparel. Click below to buy:

Junk Food Clothing Co.



Artoyz (FR)

Burton (UK)

Popeye’s Gear (CA)

Gisela (SP)

From creative licensees to direct-to-retail programs, Popeye continues to inspire apparel designers all around the world. Below are just some of the fashion-forward companies showcasing the world-famous mariner: