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Olive Oyl Sighting in Funny Comic

If you look at this “Bizarro” comic by Dan Piraro closely, you will see Popeye’s goil, Olive Oyl, is pictured on the wall behind the gingerbread man and near the head of the tattoo artist.

Fans can never tell where Popeye, Olive or anyone else from the “Popeye” comic strip will appear next!

BizarroCredit: Dan Piraro Bizarro Comics

Celebrate National Spinach Day with Popeye’s Favorite Veggie

It’s National Spinach Day in the U.S., but this leafy green vegetable is enjoyed around the world 365 days a year, with practically every international cuisine including it in their recipe repertoire.

Spinach is loaded with good-for-you nutrients like potassium, iron, folate and vitamins A and K. It even provides vitamin E, calcium and zinc. When combined with high vitamin C foods, like tomatoes or lemon juice, spinach provides a powerful infusion of iron too.

It’s no wonder why spinach is Popeye’s favorite go-to, pick-me-up vegetable for energy!

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A Popeye Tattoo That You Need to See

The bar for Popeye tattoos has been raised big time! This Popeye tattoo, which is credited to Russian tattoo artist, Alina Fokina, is making the rounds across the Internet and getting some well-deserved attention. Her tattoo shows Popeye’s fist extending out and blending into the customer’s actual hand. Genius!


If you have a Popeye-inspired tattoo that you would like to share, we would love to see it! If anyone happens to know how to reach Alina Fokina, please contact us. We would love to thank her and commend her for her extraordinary body art work!

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